Privacy Policy

At Top Tools Global, we understand you value your privacy and so do we. We have taken the time to put this privacy policy together to help you understand how personally identifiable information is collected and used. We have also provided answers to the most frequently asked questions many of you have about your information and how it is collected on our site and how it is used and for what purposes.

What Personal Information Do We Collect and When?

At some point, you may be asked for your name, email address, phone number, or credit card when creating an account or making purchases from our site. This may also apply to newsletter subscriptions or when information is entered on our site by you.

How Is This Information Used?

The information you provide is used for account registry, purchases, newsletter subscriptions, surveys, and some other features of our site. This is done for the following reasons:

  • Tailoring the content and product offers to your interests
  • Making improvements to our site
  • Speeding up customer service and quality based on your needs or interests
  • For the administration of surveys, promotions, contests, or other features on our site
  • Providing information to you via email about orders placed or news and information about our other products and services
  • To speed processing of transactions that occur

How Is Your Information Guarded?

We continuously monitor our site for any vulnerability or lapse in security and attend to any issues immediately.

We store your personal information in our most secure network areas, which limits access to that information to only a few people who have the proper security clearances and are bound by confidentiality agreements. Credit card information is additionally protected by SSL encryption.

We use several security methods during order placement to ensure the safety and security of your personal information.

Transactions are not stored on our servers nor are they processed there as an added security measure.

Are Cookies Used And If So, Why?

Yes, they are used and for the following reasons:

  • Remembrance and storage of shopping cart items
  • Understanding of preferences based on your browsing and remembrance of those preferences for subsequent times you access our site
  • Provide ourselves with site traffic data and analysis so we may make your experiences in the future better and more efficient.

Keep in mind that if you disable cookies on your browser, you may not be able to access certain features on our site and some services will not work as they should, such as online order placement. However, orders may still be placed by phone. Please contact customer service if you wish to place an order by phone.

Third Party Disclosure

We promise to never reveal, trade, or sell any of your personal information to any outside party and we will notify you in advance if this is necessary. This does not apply to web hosting partners or website operations services that we use, but those parties are in agreement to keep any personal information confidential. The only exceptions that apply to third party disclosure is in the event of a law enforcement request or enforcement of our own policies. Additional exceptions are for property, rights, or safety reasons. Information that is not personally identifiable may be given to third parties for advertising or marketing purposes.

Third Party Links

At times, we may use third party services or products. Each and every third party service that may be used has their own privacy policies, and we are not responsible or liable in any way for anything that may occur on that third party’s site. If you have any complaints or concerns about third party products or services we use, please notify us immediately as we do respect your privacy and wish to maintain that along with the quality and integrity of our own site.

Our Promises and Agreements to You

When you visit our site, you will be allowed to maintain your anonymity. Anonymity shall only be given up when creating an account and/or making a purchase.

We will provide access to this privacy policy page via Home page link and/or as a minimum on the first page upon entering our site.

The Privacy Policy link shall be named Privacy Policy and will be easy to find. If there are any changes to this policy, you will be notified on the Privacy Policy page.

Personal information entered by you will be modifiable by you  through the following methods

  • Email request
  • Phone request
  • Chat or ticket request
  • Account login

What if A Do Not Track Request Was Sent?

Some users may send a ‘Do Not Track’ request when browsing, which is activated through your browser’s security settings. We gladly honor all such requests if they are active and sent when browsing our site.

Is Third Party Behavioral Tracking Allowed?

Absolutely not. Again, you privacy very important to us and is respected. Therefore, we do not allow third party behavioral tracking.

What Happens if There is a Security Breach?

In the event of a security breach that threatens the privacy of information that you have given us, we will notify you by email and on our site within 7 business days.

If any data collector or processor violates the law per the individual redress principle, we are in agreement with you. You have the right to address the government or courts with legally enforceable rights and to seek investigation and/or prosecution against any data collector or processor who violates the law as it pertains to your personal information.

Why We Collect Your Email Address

We collect your email address for the following reasons

  • To be able to contact you or send information as well as respond to any questions or concerns posed to us
  • Order processing purposes and communication regarding orders placed
  • Information which may be important or that we believe relevant to products or services you order
  • Mailing list marketing purposes, such as providing information about  products or services, promotions, etc. to occur after your transaction has been completed.

We Do Not Like SPAM

We will have no part of spamming, so when we contact you, we promise to do the following:

  • Use subjects and email addresses that are true and relevant
  • Clearly identify the email as an advertisement if it is one
  • Provide identifiers such as our business address or headquarters of our website
  • If we use third party email marketing, we will monitor them continuously to ensure they comply with our standards as well as government standards regarding spam
  • Give users the option to opt out of email correspondence and honor any unsubscribe requests as quickly as possible

Should you wish to unsubscribe from receipt of emails from us, there will be a link at the bottom of our emails. Please follow the instructions given to unsubscribe.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Here’s how:



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