Returns Policy

Our returns policy is fully compliant with Australian law and is as follows:

  • Please ensure that you know what you want before you buy it. We will not issue any refunds simply because you change your mind about what you want. Again, absolutely no refunds on change-of-mind purchases.
  • We will only provide a refund to you if the item you ordered has a major defect. If it is a minor problem or defect, we will arrange to have the supplier make necessary repairs to the item and send the item back to you.
  • If you require a refund and the conditions meet that of Australian refund laws, you must first contact our customer support team. Once the necessary information has been gathered and it has been determined that the request for a refund qualifies, you will be issued a refund item number. You will need this in order to obtain your refund. Remember, your refund request will not be accepted without this number, so please follow the steps necessary to get the number and provide it when you are attempting to collect your refund.

If you have any questions about our return policy, please contact us.